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October 2020 Goals

I know I am 14 days late in posting my October Goals but still, better late than never!

Can’t believe we are now down to the last three months of 2020. There are so many ups and downs this year but still thankful because our family is safe and healthy — which is the main goal this year.

This July, I try to write here the goals I wanna achieve per month and what happened to those goals. In case you wanna see my blogs, here is it:

2020 Faith Goals

Praying to continue this monthly goals and highlights. Wish me luck! Hehe.



  • Travel safely to Camarines Norte
  • Celebrate Ryan’s birthday
  • Fix our Financial Spreadsheet
  • Ryan to get his driver’s license
  • Pia to finish Practical Driving Course
  • Pia to get her Student Driving Permit
  • Save an additional P30,000 for our Emergency Funds
  • Lose another 2 kilos


  • Validation Strategy for Sunlife
  • 5 blogs on Visit Manila
  • P30,000 profit for Alltreats


  • Breakfast/s with Mama
  • Gala with Diones sibs
  • Cook more for Ryan


  • Camping at the beach
  • Try driving in EDSA (LOL)

Pia’s Thoughts

After months of writing my goals and bucket lists, I feel like I am somehow managing my year. But of course there are goals that we nee to bid goodbye to and there are goals that we need to focus on.

Let’s go, October!

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In love with coffee dates, mountains, and beaches. Currently in the season and process of unlearning, relearning, and learning together with God.

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