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October 2020 Highlights – Best month so far!

Hi everyone! It was just the other day when the wifi connection here in the province was fixed because of Bagyong Ulysses. I tried to write in Agro Sports Complex in Daet, Camarines Norte where it has been our ‘second office’ (LOL), but nah, I haven’t written anything this month other than my November 2020 goals.

So, here are just some updates for my October 2020!


  • Travel safely to Camarines Norte – This is the very first time and Ryan and I went home to Camarines Norte with our Merlin (our secondhand Innova), which means this is our first time to try long drive! I am so happy to say that I drove from SLEX to Quezon! Then Atimonan to Lucena. But then, we couldn’t pass Lucena because it rained so hard the night before, and the flood is just so high even big trucks can’t pass. Good thing we found another route but took us around 21 hours in total to get home! Plus, it was really an adventure because there’s a part where we passed by the shore! As in we drove in the sand! Grabe. And then, we passed by the forests of Quezon. We always thought it’s the ‘Wrong way’. Haha! But still, thank God for keeping us safe allthrough out our journey!
  • Celebrate Ryan’s birthday – We had a simple celebration, we bought samgyupsal and ate our heart out. hehe! We also went to Rizal to celebrate Kuya Boboy and Ryan’s birthday together with Bibi (Ryan’s sister) and Richard (Bibi’s partner).
  • Fix our Financial Spreadsheet – Good thing we are now on track again!
  • Ryan to get his driver’s license – Ryan got his driver’s license! Finally!
  • Pia to finish Practical Driving Course – Yes! So happy to say that I finished my driving course with flying colors. LOL.
  • Pia to get her Student Driving Permit – Finally! I can drive peacefully. Hahaha!
  • Save an additional P30,000 for our Emergency Funds – Saved 15,000 pesos instead this month. Not bad!
  • Lose another 2 kilos – The opposite happened. We were in quarantine for two weeks here in the province and we don’t have a choice (we had pala lol) but to eat a lot, plus rice! So, the 2 kilos I lost in Cavite for 1 month, went back for only two weeks. Sad!


  • Validation Strategy for Sunlife – Sadly, I wasn’t able to follow this.
  • 5 blogs on Visit Manila – and this.
  • P30,000 profit for Alltreats – and this.. because we went home to the province.


  • Breakfast/s with Mama – had a few breakfasts with Mama!
  • Gala with Diones sibs – went to a farm in Bars, Rizal with t
  • Cook more for Ryan – Yes! Cooked vegetable dishes more this month before going home to the province.


  • Camping at the beach – We didn’t camp at the beach but we camped in the mountain!
  • Try driving in EDSA (LOL) – Can’t believe I did this! Yes!

Pia’s Thoughts

I can say that I had a very fruitful October 2020!

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