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January 2021 Goals

Hello, January 2021!

Can’t believe we already waved goodbye to the longest year of our lives, 2020! Indeed there are a lot to thank God for last year.

  • For keeping us safe
  • For all the growth that was brought about by the pandemic
  • For the restored relationships
  • For the marriage with my husband
  • ..and a lot more.

This month, I wanna focus in my focus word EXECUTION. Sabi nga, kapag may kailangang gawin at pwede namang gawin now na, gawin na.

It’s true that if we procrastinating a lot, we will move on very slowly and may miss a lot of opportunities along the way.



  • Read Atomic Habits
  • Watch Productivity videos


  • Cook good food for our family
  • Travel to a place Ryan and I have never been
  • Baby #1
  • Visit Mama often
  • Write top VIP list


  • Resign from Sunlife
  • Resign from fulltime Work


  • Complete Alltreats website
  • Open Shop #1 – S
  • Open Shop #2 – W
  • Open Shop #3 – TBH
  • Create Ecommerce System
  • Hira VA for Ecomm
  • Ukay Okay
  • Apartment


Long list, right? Haha! That’s why I will be needing a lot of time management and prayers this month. Hopefully I’ll achieve a number of items for this month.

By _Piabernaldo

In love with coffee dates, mountains, and beaches. Currently in the season and process of unlearning, relearning, and learning together with God.

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