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On Dreams, Reality, and Marriage

On Dreams and Reality

It has been a month already since I have been slacking off on some of our 2021 goals. I don’t know but I feel like I am somebody new. I am the kind of woman who will do whatever it takes to get those goals but right now, I am really feeling sluggish.

And I feel like I am back to zero again.

I know you may be thinking, ‘You’ve done this and that, it’s okay. Don’t say that.’

While I appreciate it, let me just be what I wanna be now. I just wanna process what’s on my mind with the hopes of getting back on track.

I feel like there’s a big wall again in front of me, just taking me off the path again. But what’s good here is that I know that there’s something hindering me to move forward.

Autonomy maybe? Procrastination? Not really sure.

On Marriage

I must have been very blessed because I married a man so true to his words. Until now!

Ryan has been a very responsible, bubbly, and supportive head of the family. I couldn’t think of anyone else aside from him whom I wanna spend the rest of my life with.

We had a couple of misunderstandings but still, my love tank is full and I couldn’t complain really because I know I am with the best.

And in return, I really wanna be the best wife for him.

Know Her Life Lately

I Got Positive with COVID-19. Here’s My Story.

It’s around eleven in the morning when I got a call from an unregistered number.

“This is it.”, I said to myself.

“Hi Mam. Staff po ako ng ng Ospital ng Imus. Nagpositive po kayo sa lab test for Covid po.”, said the staff from the other line with her voice so straight you can tell that she is used to calling people who are positive with the virus.

My heart was calm but I feel like my voice is getting a little shaky. I just listened to her, the next steps, with Ryan holding my hand.

After the call, Ryan hugged me tight and that when I started crying. But honestly, I am not sure why I’m crying. I felt blank for a while, as if there’s a white blanket in front of me.

Our COVID-19 Story

I am not really sure about the date but it was I think August 12-13 when Ryan and I were feeling a little tired. Seems like we don’t wanna move.

Parang may nanghihila na humiga at magpahinga. And we did. I thought Aunt Flo was just near already because I usually get headaches and body pains when I have my monthly visits.

But no, after a day or two, our symptoms worsen and the rest is history. I got the virus, Ryan was negative. We still don’t know why.

Where do you think you got the virus?

Honestly, we are not sure.

It was ECQ here in Cavite when everything happened and we usually don’t go out of the house unless mamamalengke kami dito lang sa subdivision.

We’re also thinking, since we are selling, maybe because of the riders? Or the money that we are getting everyday?

We’ll never know.


Personally, these are the symptoms I got.

  • Day 1 – 3: Fatigue
  • Day 4: Super fatigue
  • Day 5: Fever with body and joint pains
  • Day 6: Fever with body and joint pains plus no sense of taste/smell
  • Day 7: Fatigue and mild sore throat
  • Day 8: No sore throat, still weak, no sense of taste/smell
  • Day 9: Swab test, dry cough, no sense of taste/smell
  • Day 10: Lightheaded, no sense of taste/smell, dry cough
  • Day 11:

What does it feel when you have COVID-19?

This is mostly the question I got from friends and family when I told them I have COVID 19.

Day 1-2
August 12-13:
– Ryan and I were feeling unusually tired that we just wanna lie down and rest.

Day 3
August 14:
– Ryan had a fever. Worst part because I still feel tired and my body was aching already but no fever.

Day 4
August 15:
– Ryan still has fever. I was feeling under the weather already but of course, I need to stand up, cook, and take care of Ryan. I think Ryan can’t taste here already.

Day 5
August 16:
– Ryan doesn’t have fever already. But sadly, ako naman. My whole body was aching particularly the joints in both of my hands, my back, and legs. I honestly didn’t know how we ate during this times. As far as I know, Ryan and I were juggling tasks — luto, timpla kape, gawa merienda. Hehe.
– Ryan has no sense of taste and smell already

Day 6
August 17:
– Still with fever, plus, no sense of taste/smell already. But! Mind you guys, hindi kami nawalan ng gana. We just ate and ate gaya ng dati, even if we can’t taste/smell the food. Still laughing when I remember imagining the taste of my favorite Sinigang na Baboy while eating. Haha! Feeling ko nga tumaba ako lalo nung nagkasakit. LOL.
– Ryan was still feeling hot from time to time with body aches.
– Ryan had a mild sore throat.
– Called Imus COVID hotline. After several attempts, someone answered the phone, got our details, then nothing happened. So we called and called all the numbers that are related to COVID Imus.

Day 7
August 18:
– My fever went away already but still felt weak.
– Still with body pains and aching joints here.
– Super mild sore throat
– Ryan is still weak and both of us are starting to have a dry cough.
– Again we called IMUS COVID hotlines and someone from the Imus Lab answered and told us to get a ‘Referral’ from any Doctor for us to be swabbed the next day. Sayang lang because we really wanna get swabbed the next day already. But of course, we complied.

Day 8
August 19:
– Feels weak still. But a little better than the previous days.
– We both have dry cough.
– Went to Imus Clinic before 8AM, the clinic that we were told to go to to get a ‘Referral’. The clinic, as far as I remembered opened before 9AM and we still need to wait for the nurse as per the staff there. However, to our dismay, they don’t know about the ‘referral’ to be swabbed. Sabi pa nga ng Doctor na andon, we don’t know about it. You just need money.
– We then went to Ospital ng Imus praying to be swabbed right then and there. But, there’s no walk-in allowed. We can just pay then go back the following day. If we knew that we don’t need the ‘Referral from a Doctor’, we would have asked for slots. We really wanna get swabbed.
– We paid 4,000 pesos each to get a reservation for swab test

Day 9
August 20:
– We were scheduled at 9AM to 10AM and we arrived at around 9:05AM and got swabbed around 10:30 AM. Staff said to wait for 7 days but if positive, they will call us after 3 days.
– Dry cough and no smell/taste still
– I’m still lightheaded
– Ryan has a Doctor at work so he asked for reseta. Glad that there’s Grab Pabili. Nagpabili kami sa Mercury. Glad that all meds were available! We paid for 2800 in total just for our medicines. Still thankful. We took antibiotics and vitamins C with zinc.

Day 10
August 21-22:
– Dry cough and no smell/taste still
– I’m still lightheaded
– Ryan had diarrhea

Day 11
August 23:
– I got diarrhea as well.
– I also feel stressed and tired again
– 3rd day after we got swabbed. Praying no one will call from Ospital ng Imus.
– At around 11 AM, I got a call from an unregistered number. And yes, it’s from the Ospital ng Imus confirming that I am positive from COVID. Yes, I cried a little. Haha.
– Ryan didn’t get a call. And we confirmed that he is negative. Weird because we got the same symptoms, he even got it first at parang nahawa lang ako.
– I reported to our HOA, Barangay, CESU, that I am positive.
– CESU only informed me to rest well, drink vitamin C, and more water. They asked for my close contacts but they never tried calling Ryan and Mama. Glad Mama is doing well.
– I informed my boss and Shopee as well that I am positive.

August 24:
– Diarrhea still. Mama gave us some food, Gatorade, and Pocari Sweat
– Ryan and I still had dry cough here.

August 25 – August 29
– Still with slight dry cough
– Sometimes I experienced pain in my chest
– Usually, I get tired just after a couple of walks inside the house

August 29:
– I think this is the date where I called CESU and asked if I can request for reswabbing. They said it’s possible but since there are a lot of backlogs, maybe the swabbing will take two weeks from the requested date. Once the Swab Team is already at your home and you are not experiencing signs, as per CESU, I just need to tell them that I am okay already. LOL.

August 30 – 31

– No symptoms

September 1:
– I called CESU again and asked how to get the certification for the and yes, we’ll end our quarantine this September 4. We need to go to the Velarde Clinic in Imus to get our certification that I am already negative.
– Ryan and I decided to re-swab on Friday. Bye bye 8,000 again.
– Both of us have little to no cough already

(Will update this until I’m already cleared)

TIPS if you have a friend/family with COVID-19

  • Never ask her/him this: “Sa dinami-dami ng tao, bakit kaya ikaw pa?”. Like what’s the point in asking? Please, don’t. That’s just rude and can’t help with the fast recovery.
  • Kamustahin lagi. Wag naman minu-munito. Hehe. Remind them that everything will be okay soon.
  • Pray for them.
  • Message her/his parents if close kayo, ask if they’re okay. 🙂

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Day 7: Laundry and the Cold War | COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine

March 21, 2020, Day 7 | Saturday

Today marks the 7th day of the enhanced community quarantine — a day of laundry and some kind of cold war.

Mr. R and I are working from home so Saturday’s a great day for us to do laundry and stuff like cleaning the house.

Early in the morning, I woke up a bit restless — I don’t know if it’s about my dream about COVID-19 or I just didn’t have a good sleeping position. Was awake for like three hours starting from 2:30AM, and Mr. R, being a deep sleeper as he is, has complete deep sleep. Bless him! Haha.

I haven’t transferred from my iPad our Day 1 to 6 but it was day 5 when I felt the urge of doing something that I know I have to think twice. It was a ‘go’ for me and I thought Mr. R is also okay with it but after a few small talks after breakfast, I knew that he was not comfortable with what I wanna do.

I think I would have said yes if the reason behind it was because of our safety but no. So, we had a mini cold war earlier.

After I took a bath, I saw Mr. R cleaning our room and readying our laundry.

No talking still.

I wish he could just hug me and say sorry. After our laundry, I quickly went up and reheat our lunch because it’s past 1PM already.

He took a bath and when he got to our room, he hugged me tight and I asked him if he fully understands my decision. So, we’re back to normal again — laughing, eating, eating, and eating.

I think we’re close to doubling our size in the next weeks. Haha!

In the afternoon, we just slept, watched news, prayed that COVID-19 will stop from spreading, and of course, eat.

At night, we just ate leftovers and oatmeal and watched “A Quiet Place”, somehow related to what we are experiencing right now.


The Philippines ended the day with 77 new cases totaling to 307 COVID-19 cases and 1 death was reported. If you wanna know more about the statistics and the patients, please go to

While there are 77 new cases, it was reported that there are 5 new recovered patients from the virus. My heart is always rejoicing whenever I hear in the news that patients are recovering. Praise God!

I have yet to mention in my previous days to be posted here that we were locked down here in Mr. R’s boarding house.

At first it was okay because we will not go out of course but panic starts attacking me when our boardmate downstairs has been coughing so hard (dry cough). His cough started last week and even informed us that he was quarantined for like two hours in Baguio because of his hoarse voice.

Now, I am actually panicking and asked Mr. R to bring our to-go Lysol whenever we go downstairs to use the toilet or cook. I can still hear him cough right now while writing this. And also, he is still going to his work everyday. Because no work no pay. My heart is aching!

Today’s a sad day as well because of the death of a young doctor who got COVID-19 because a patient didn’t disclose his travel history. Everyone, I know we are all scared of the unknown but please, our doctors here in this country are limited! I saw a documentary that the doctor’s ration to each Filipino is 1:10!

People, let’s not lie about our condition. Our frontliners are helping us flatten the curve.

Pia’s Thoughts and Prayers

There are always random times when I just think that maybe I am dreaming. Or maybe this is not really happening.

But I realized as well that we have to do our part and really hope and pray for the better.

I pray for the country’s leaders: I pray that God will give them the strategies that they should be doing to protect the Filipino people. I pray Father that you will give them the strength to push forward, and good health to everyone, that they will not have the COVID-19 while leading the country. I pray for the President and the Mayors to really have the heart for its people and unite as one during these trying times.

I pray for the frontliners: Our Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, janitors, maintenance, PNP, everyone who is outside for us inside our homes. I pray Father for good health, hope, strength to fight with this invisible enemy. Lord, protect them, Father. Protect them and their family.

I pray for the Filipino people: I pray for obedience, strength, and good health for everyone. I know that it is so hard for us, coping with this new challenge. But I pray Father that your provisions and light will shine upon us especially to the poor families, Father. I claim that they will not suffer hunger and that they will be protected by the government. Please, help us Father.

Remove fear, anxiety, and panic in our hearts and mind and replace it with hope that soon, this too, shall pass.

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Enhanced Community Quarantine Diary: A day-to-day Life During the COVID-19 Chaos in the PH

Hello, reader!

I am Pia, the blogger behind this website and currently residing in the tropical country of the Philippines. 

As we all know, the world is now suffering from a pandemic crisis — a virus that started in Wuhan in China that is now called COVID-19.

Just this March 15, Metro Manila was placed in total lockdown. No public transportation, malls are closed and the only open are the essentials — wet markets, supermarkets, groceries, and the likes.

Since I will just be staying inside the room, I decided to make a diary of what is happening during the lockdown — what I did, what I learned, basically what happened during the day.

I haven’t written for the past days because I was so busy with work. you know, still pushing to achieve the work target even after all these chaos.. 

But, after all what’s happening, I am still thankful, so much thankful because:

  1. We were lockdown in a safe place — with a roof and the location is near wet markets, drug stores, sari-sari stores..
  2. I am with Ryan – I am really from Cavite but was locked down at my fiance’s place. So blessed to have him during these times.
  3. We have food to eat
  4. We still have work – so much blessed to have a work that I can deliver from home. Although there are so much challenges, I am still thankful because work means we have money for our family’s needs and ours as well. 

    PS: My heart’s breaking for those daily wage earners who doesn’t know where to get money for their daily needs. I just hope the government would really take action on this today.
  5. Ryan and I are learning so much – learning to do things on our own – cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, washing clothes, and, we are also learning from each other! So, Ryan has been teaching me how to have a super long patience, and how to be positive after all the news. He is my rock during these times. And him, I think he is learning how to cook and how to be more loving (Ay, tingin ko mas loving si Koya mo ahahaha)
  6. We realized family is everything – Even if I am far from my Mama, my heart and thoughts are always with her. Did she eat already? Did she go out? What if Covid-19 caught her? I wanna hug her now because I am afraid but I am afraid to bring the virus to her.

    Gaya nga ng sinabi ng bestfriend ko, “Konting tiis”. Yes, because this too, shall pass.

Know Her Life Lately Monthly Recap

November 2018 Life Recap

It’s been months since I last wrote here.

I miss those times when I would just write all the things that happened to me including small but significant ones. And I really hope that I will be able to write consistently here just like before.

Looking back, I remembered why I started a blog.
1. Because I love to write
2. To document my life because I tend to forget things easily and to record all the good and not-so-good memories

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So, let me start with my awesome November 2018 recap.

1.FLEX Program (Foundations of Leadership Excellence)

I think this is one of the best investments I did for myself in my 27 years of existence. Thankful to my supervisor during my Ayala Land days, Martin Arranz, for helping and pushing me to join this program. I really can’t thank him enough.

If you wanna know yourself more and would like to raise their level of self-awareness, I strongly suggest you take this two-day program of OCCI in Ortigas. This is the first step in their Leadership trilogy program with the goal of transforming the understanding of yourself, your relationships, and creating joy in your life.

They are also offering the same program in Visayas and Mindanao. Please check their website at

2. ALC Program (Advanced Leadership Program)

After the Flex (Foundations of Leadership Excellence), I decided to take the next step of the program which is the ALC (Advanced Leadership Program). Here, because the level of self-awareness was heightened in the FLEX, I have been more aware of my fears.

This is actually the best program I had so far. Thanks to Martin again. I can never attend this program in the same month if not because of him.

Without this program, I would not know strangers who I now consider a family. I missed them already!

I learned that it is possible to break free from our past and live life to the fullest with joy and love.

3. Met Ruffa Mae in Shopee HQ

I’m never into any artisas. Local or international. But hindi ko papalagpasin ‘to! Gow, gow, gow! Haha!

If you’re a close friend of mine, I love impersonating Ruffa Mae. I find laughter in the air whenever I impersonate her with her gow gow gow and todo na tohhhhh! Haha! So when she went to the office I made sure that I’ll get to have a selfie with her. I also did a gow gow gow sample in front of her. Haha! She’s so pretty!

4. Visited

TravelBook will always have a special place in my heart. Last November I visited the TravelBook office and saw my ex-workmates! Hi, Ina!


5. Tagaytay Supposedly-Overnight with Mama

Promising myself to have one weekend dedicated only to my Mama, we went to Tagaytay to review a hotel, the Residence Inn. However, after a day of fun at the Ukay-ukay Hub and enjoying the night and cold wind while sipping Bulalo, she asked if we can just go home (even if we already checked in at the hotel).

Of course, I said yes. I want my Mama to have a peaceful sleep. We went home at around 11PM and arrived home at around 1AM. Haha! Great day still.

6. First Christmas with Shopee Philippines

I actually had hesitations in joining the Shopee PH Christmas Party because it was a holiday (November 30) but thinking that this is actually my first time made me go and party with my new friends at work! We had so much fun kahit na nagkasakit ako after. Haha!

Brand Acquisition Team

Go, Business Development!

7. Joy and Peace

I can tag myself as an overthinker. I tend to overthink just about everything but this month, I have experienced overthinking less than the usual. Haha! After FLEX and ALC, I have experience being more joyful and peace. And most of all, I was reminded that I need God in every area of my life.

How about you? How was your November 2018?


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Bullet Journal Know Her Life Lately

Life Lately: Hey. How are we, Pia?


I have been very melancholic for the past weeks. I don’t know if I should blame this on my hormones or if I have a better reason.

Anyway, that’s enough for an introduction. Haha! I have been missing-in-action because I was too focused on my job in the past months but will make time for blogging already.

Had so much boo-boos and highs lately and I want to share some with you.

Shall we start?

Sunsets, I love.

1. Moved-in to our own house

Before we go deeper, let me announce today that we have already moved in permanently (!!!) to our house in Cavite.

It has been a roller coaster of emotions and not to mention ~~ wallet ~~ before we finally got the decision to stay here for good.

After about three years, we finally moved in last Sunday, May 6, 2018. Though I’m happy that we’ll have a new journey in Cavite, I’m a bit sad because I will miss Greenpark Pasig which has been our home for the past 5 years.

I will miss the trees, our breakfast dates outside the house, our neighbor’s dogs that I call kaaway (I’m afraid of dogs).

But still, thank you God for the provision and for your perfect timing! It has been two weeks and I am still adjusting from the travel time to Manila for about three hours or so. Haha!

I still don’t have photos of our house! Ito yung naglilipat na kami. Parang ayoko pa umalis nyan. Haha!

2. Breadwinner

Wooo! I can already feel the pressure and tension of being the sole provider of the family. Though my Mama’s making sure that she is doing side hustles, still, it’s my main responsibility to take care of us even though we are only two in the family.

I love the feeling of being more responsible now but sometimes I feel like the pressure is really on. Ugh. I hate thinking too much.

3. Sea

If we’re close, you’ll know how I always long for a beach escape that I even download ocean/waves sounds. Funny, I know! It’s calming effect really soothes me and helps me live in the moment.

Right now, I just need one beach escape. I just hope time and budget permits because ~~ hello, adulting.

4. Love. Love?

Hey, hey! it’s been more than a year of my single life. And I met a number of ‘good’ guys already. Good? Haha! And then, I met an unusual guy with an unusual story.

I honestly can’t say if this is love already.

I’ve been in constant communication with a guy who has been courting for a while. Doubt, I think, is still in me and would like to really dive into God’s word and be really sensitive to these open doors.

Still, things are complicated and he knows that I’m not ready yet. Not because I am not over my past yet, but I want to really know if someone is so sure of me already. And of course, same with me.

On my way home at 11PM.I don’t know why I chose this photo though. Haha!

5. Mother’s not working anymore

Honestly, this is the year that I have stepped up in my career as a daughter. Career? Haha! I am really tired every single day since we moved in our house in Cavite. Every. Single. Day.

But that feeling of, ‘It’s okay, Pia! You’re Mom’s don’t need to wake up at 4 AM every day because of work’ reminds me that this is the reason of why I am working.

And here’s the reward, Mama is starting to take a lot of rests already because she doesn’t have a job anymore. And with that, I am okay with being tired every day. Tapos na sya mapagod magtrabaho, ako naman ngayon.

It’s also okay for me because I am now loving adulting and responsibility.

We jogged!

Seeing her free from work responsibilities is heaven for me.

6. My PCOS Journey

It’s actually good that I knew that I have PCOS before trying to get pregnant. At least I still have the time to correct my hormones and stabilize my menstrual flow because I really want to get pregnant.

I’m currently taking pills to regulate my mens. I hope everything will be okay.

7. Working on my

I love blogging. I also have the fascination with website making. HTMLs are like mysterious creatures for me and I want to know them little by little.

After months of forgetting intentionally about this blog, I refreshed myself of what I really want to do. And then, I decided to get back on track again.

Check out my business blog, 

8. The Passion Projects

Lately, I come to the realization that I’m not doing the things I love already. Like I quit doing things that make me happy. Now, I am starting to track some of my passion projects – blogging, bullet journal, and my two new projects, cooking, and gardening!

So, there! I actually have many things to say but I’ll put it all in words next time.

Oh, before I end, I just want to say that I missed writing so much! Here’s the start of my hopefully regular blogging again!


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Life Lately: My PCOS Journey

I can still remember the day when I almost lost my employment journey with Summit Media (2015) because of my pre-employment medical requirements.

Long story short, the Doctor asked me the date of my last menstruation.

After a couple of seconds, I told her I had my last period a couple of months ago. 4 months, I guess. She quickly asked me to set an appointment with an OB-GYNE so that I can be cleared from my pre-employment medical requirements.

It was almost a week when I set an appointment with an OB-GYNE at Healthway Greenbelt and it was also my first time to have an ultrasound. I was amazed seeing my ovaries (oopsie! haha) and uterus real time. Everything was okay back then except for one thing — my left ovary has PCOS.

What is PCOS?

According to

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a condition that affects a woman’s hormone levels. 

Women with PCOS produce higher-than-normal amounts of male hormones. This hormone imbalance causes them to skip menstrual periods and makes it harder for them to get pregnant.

PCOS also causes hair growth on the face and body and baldness. And it can contribute to long-term health problems like diabetes and heart disease.

Birth control pills and diabetes drugs can help fix the hormone imbalance and improve symptoms.

A year after, I decided to have another check up to see the status of my PCOS since I also accompanied my then-boyfriend for a check-up at the Medical City Ortigas. However, I didn’t like the OB assigned to me then. She just said that I just have to have a healthy lifestyle. I asked if there’s anything I need to do like an ultrasound but she just told me to reduce (even though I have normal weight) and to exercise. She didn’t even bother to check my previous ultrasound.

I want another OB but time didn’t permit since I still have work.

Fast forward to April 2018, I decided to have another check-up. I want to see what’s happening down there since I have been late for my period already for almost two weeks or so. Again I visited the Medical City Ortigas and made sure that I will be set to a new OB-Gyne.

After a couple minutes of waiting, I talked to my new OB. I gave my previous ultrasound but she didn’t check it. She just said what the last OB said. To have a diet and to exercise. Frustrated, I have the urge to visit another OB in the building since I want to know what else can I do other than exercising and having a diet. And then, she asked me what I want to do, and if I want to have an ultrasound.

My mind was shouting, ‘of course!’. Then she gave me like a letter to the Women’s Health Section of the building for the ultrasound.

After I got the results (thanks for my free Medicard!), I quickly went to set an appointment with a new OB.

Then finally, I met Ma. Rosario Laarni C. Diaz, M.D. She is by far the best OB for me. She answered all my questions about PCOS patiently. She even said that my PCOS cannot be treated by diet and exercise alone, thus, I need to rely on medications.

Since Aunt Flo is still out of reach on my day 49, Dra. Diaz prescribed me to take 10 Medroxyprogesterone (Provera) for 10 days. She said with confidence that I will have my menstruation a week after my last take of the pill.

I was just so happy that I already have an OB-Gyne that I can visit anytime.

So, I went to Mercury Drug, bought Provera (P87 each, I think) and took the tablets religiously. However, after every take, I always feel that my left side is numb from head to toe! But because I want to finish the 10 tablets, I just brushed it off.

Days after my last period, I was having a very watery discharge. Marami. I was thinking what is happening. Am I getting my period already? And then, hello anxiety! I immediately googled what’s happening and what will happen if I will not have my period.

Gladly, after three days Aunt Flo finally said hello with just some spots.

A day after, I went to Dra. Diaz again (that’s today!) since she asked me to come back so she can prescribed me with pills to regulate my period. I’ll be taking Diane 35. It’s my first time actually and my OB’s instructions didn’t go inside my head. Haha!

*No edits, free flow. Sorry for the wrong grammar if there’s any. I just want to spill what’s inside my mind.