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Padyakan Sa Bataan 2019 | An Early Celebration of ‘Araw ng Kagitingan’

Covering sports events is actually not one of the usual things I do and looking back, I think this is the very first time that I got to experience such. But still, I had so much fun watching the participants enjoying Padyakan Sa Bataan 2019!

Araw ng Kagitingan – A Brief History

Araw ng Kagitingan or The Day of Valor is an annual commemoration of the fall of Bataan on April 9, 1942. I know some of us may have been taken this for granted already but let me walk you through why this day should be always remembered.

This non-working day is the day when Bataan was surrendered to the Japanese during World War II which started the infamous Death March wherein the Filipino and American soldiers were forced to march from Mariveles, Bataan to Pampanga.

Total of 78,000 Filipino and American soldiers surrendered to the Japanese but during their march, 5,000 to 10,000 Filipino soldiers and 650 Americans died along the way.

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I highly suggest you visit the Bataan World War II Museum so you can also see the rare photos taken during the war and the Death March. Kuya Alan, our Tour Guide from the Bataan Tourism, explained that some Filipinos managed to escape the Death March with the help of our women. One of their strategies was to get them inside their ‘‘ to move them away from the Death March.

Araw ng Kagitingan should always be a bitter-sweet reminder of the courageous men who fought hard for our country.

Padyakan Bataan | 14th Year

In commemoration of the 77th Araw ng Kagitingan on April 9, 2019, a mountain bike circuit race was organized by The Provincial Government of Bataan together with the Municipality of Mariveles, Bataan Tourism Council Foundation, Inc, and the Bataan Trailriders and Adventurers Network () last March 31, 2019.

Padyakan sa Bataan, now on its 14th year, is a yearly effort of the abovementioned organizations and government agencies to call on all cycling enthusiasts in the Philippines.

Held at the Karagatan Bay View Peaks, Bataan Freeport Area, Mariveles, Bataan, Padyakan Bataan was attended by over 600 men and women from the different parts of the country.

I was also stunned when I saw kids aged 2-3 years old! They actually have their own category as well.

The Loop

With over three-kilometer course loop that features single and double tracks, climbs, and descents, participants enjoyed the amazing view of Corregidor, West Philippine Sea, and the Bataan mountain ranges.

Depending on the category that the participants will be joining, each of them differs in terms of laps.

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Pia’s Thoughts

Thinking about it, I love how the Bataan Tourism continues to make and preserve events like this as it only not promotes Bataan, but also, hones the camaraderie, patience, and courage of the participants.

It’s such a joy as well seeing super cute kids riding (and really enjoying) their bikes! Similarly, looking at in their bicycles make me wanna scream, ‘I am proud of you, ‘Lo!’ Like really seeing them happy and enjoying Such a happy and inspiring scene.

It reminds me that whatever age you are, if you want to do something that will inspire you and will make you feel alive (but be safe, of course!) then do it.

Funny because my key takeaway in this event is, life is too short to daydream. If you want it, then go for it. Just like these bikers, they want it, they go for it, and they showed up.

Kudos to all the staff of Bataan Tourism Council and Bataan Government for the successful event. Congrats to all the winners and participants of the 14th Padyakan Bataan! ‘Til next year!

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