Las Ventanas Tagaytay: A Tranquil Gem Hidden at the Heart of the City

Las Ventanas Tagaytay, nestled in a 2600-square meter property, is a rustic bed and breakfast located near Tagaytay City Market. If you are looking for a secluded and quiet place to stay in Tagaytay, Las Ventanas is for you.

Oftentimes when we think of staying overnight in Tagaytay City, what we usually look for in a hotel is — it has to have that overlooking view of Taal lake and volcano.

While this is true for most of us, why not go and opt to stay in a bed and breakfast away from the highway with just trees around you and chirping birds in the background?

Las Ventanas Tagaytay

5 Things You Need to Know Before Booking at Las Ventanas

Las Ventanas, a bed and breakfast in Tagaytay City near Tagaytay City Market is actually a paradise waiting to be discovered by budget travelers who want peace, relaxation, and serenity.

1. Las Ventanas swimming pool will surely complete your stay

Hooray! Admit it. You also love swimming pools! Las Ventanas doesn’t only have windows, but a swimming pool for you and your loved ones as well! Talk about freshness! This was honestly the first time we enjoyed a swimming pool in Tagaytay. Glad that it was not that cold when we visited the place.

Although the pool is relatively small, we had so much fun dipping and diving together with other guests at Las Ventanas Tagaytay. Looking at a grandfather making time and memories with his grandchildren, a group of friends enjoying the night together, couples who were celebrating milestones actually put a smile on our face.

And if you are looking for a hotel in Tagaytay and you want one with a swimming pool, you will rarely find one that is much more affordable than Las Ventanas TagaytaySo, is Las Ventanas a gem? Definitely.

Las Ventanas tagaytay swimming pool
Las Ventanas swimming pool at night

2. Las Ventanas promotes relaxation away from the city’s hustle and bustle

Home to only 9 rooms, Las Ventanas in Tagaytay is perfect for people who just want to spend a quiet escape from the metro. You’ll hear birds chirping, leaves falling, and the morning crowing of roosters.

In spite of the fact that the resort is situated in a secluded area with steep narrow road going to the place, we love that that somehow made Las Ventanas more intimate and relaxing promoting full tranquility.

Note that Las Ventanas doesn’t have television or wifi as their main mission is for guests to be able to connect with nature and loved ones without the interference of technology.

3. Las Ventanas is best for people who wants peace and serenity

Yes. One of Las Ventanas mission is for people to feel relaxed when leaving the place. So if you are planning to bring your barkada, and you know for a fact that you might get a little noisy, hold back and look for other resorts in Tagaytay. We’re sure you’ll find more suitable resorts other than Las Ventanas for the big crowd. Note that the resort wants to hold its promise of full relaxation and quiet environment away from the city’s noise.

Las Ventanas Tagaytay

4. This bed and breakfast has big, quaint and rustic rooms

Las Ventanas rooms will never disappoint. If you are a lover of old-style quaint rooms, you certainly need to visit this place.

Their rooms for two are surprisingly big! A room for two has one big bed, thick mattresses, four fluffy pillows, one ceiling fan, old and rustic closet, two night lamps, a mosquito net, and you’ll have a separate comfort room and bathroom. Oh, and a rocking chair. Love it!

However, if you booked during the hot days, maybe you can request for an additional electric fan. We haven’t tried asking for an additional electric fan but we heard some guests asking for one because their grandchildren are used to air conditioned rooms.

We honestly felt uneasy during the night because it was hot but we just brushed it off and moved the mosquito net to the side to get more air from the electric fan. Guess what? It was surprisingly one of my best sleep for months!

Las Ventanas

5. You can’t bring outside food inside Las Ventanas

Sad to say but you can’t bring outside food. Although, the good news is they have a restaurant inside Las Ventanas. However, food choices are limited and the restaurant is only open until 9 PM. So meaning to say, if you are still feeling a little hungry at 10 PM, you don’t have a choice but to go outside and walk the narrow and dark road going out to the main road to look for food.

Anyway, they are serving silog meals, rice toppings, some snacks, and drinks. If you are a coffee person, their 3-in-1 Nescafe coffee is PHP 33.

It rained so hard that we ended up eating dinner at Las Ventanas. We ordered fish fillet and chicken teriyaki rice toppings. This cost PHP 99 each. Not bad!

What’s good is that they’ll be asking you the night before what you want for the free breakfast — they gave us two options, longsilog or cornsilog. If you want to order, this cost P165 per meal.

Las Ventanas Restaurant

After almost two hours of swimming and talking, we got hungry and tried their merienda. We ordered Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Lumpiang Turon. These cost us around PHP 200.

Las Ventanas Room Rates

Booked through Agoda, the original rate is P3,000 but we got it for PHP 923 plus service charge and VAT, we ended up paying a total of PHP 1,229.64 for two with free breakfast! Good deal!

They also have a package in Metrodeal – for as low as PHP 1888 for two, you’ll get to enjoy an accommodation that includes a refreshing welcome drink and a plated breakfast and dinner good for 2 or 4 persons, depending on the package availed.

How to Book a Room at Las Ventanas Tagaytay?

  • Online Booking – There are a number of online booking sites that offer a much lower rates than booking directly to hotels. If you want a discounted Las Ventanas rates, book through the below links. Note that rates are changing though.
  • Book directly at Las Ventanas Tagaytay
    • Website:
    • Call them at 0933 857 0522

This was written last 2018 from my other blog. I just searched now and it’s new name is FELISA’S GARDEN but is now closed effect May 2023 as per note in Google Map.

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