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Batanes North Batan Tour + 11 Spots You Need to See

Wondering what are the places that you’ll get to see for your North Batan Tour in Batanes? While we equally love North and South Batan, there are some several spots here in North Batan that we will never forget.

In our last visit to the breathtaking province of Batanes, our first tour was the North Batan as this can be completed half a day only, unlike the Sabtang, which we opted to stay a little longer than usual, and South Batan tour, which requires a day to visit all places.

Although you can finish the tour for just half a day only, we promise that you will not go home wanting for more. And yes, this will be your very first jaw-dropping sunset.

Imagine being on top of a hill with lighthouse waiting for the sunset — while holding your love’s hands whispering sweet-nothings? Charot!

While this second visit of mine is with Ryan already, I experienced waiting for the sunset alone. And it’s magical still. But of course, I prefer my last experience, the one with my baby, of course. Hahahaharot!

Okay, so enough with the kaartehan. Here are the places you can visit on your North Batan Tour in Batanes! Sobrang saya!

Top 11 Places to Visit on your Batanes North Batan tour!

  1. Welcome to Basco Arch
  2. Tukon Church (Mt. Carmel Chapel)
  3. PAGASA Weather Station – Basco
  4. Valugan Boulder Beach
  5. Nakamaya Burial Grounds
  6. Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel
  7. Fundacion Pacita
  8. Vayang Rolling Hills
  9. Chadpidan Boulder Beach
  10. Basco Town Proper
  11. Naidi Hills (Basco Lighthouse)

1. Welcome to Basco Arch

This is the usual first stop on every North Batan Tour. This is situated near Basco along the mountainside. Imagine looking at the vast ocean with your loved ones here?

This one should not be missed when in Batanes! Although… I know you will never miss this because if you do, you will miss half of your Batanes tour! Coz you know, the Batanes Arch. Charot! Seriously though, this is just beside near Basco Town and can be reached when you start to explore Basco with a bicycle.

Hellleeeer! Welcome to Basco, guys!

2. Tukon Church | Mt. Carmel Church

Tukon Church or Mt. Carmel Church is usually the second destination in the North Batan Tour. Medyo pataas ‘to so alalayan mo si Kuya Tricycle Driver lalo na kung medyo heavy tayo.

This church was devastated by a storm before and it has still ongoing repairs. Perched on top of a hill, this church is perfect for weddings — I actually thought for a second, “Magppropose na kaya siya?” Harots! Haha!


One of the attractions on top of a hill that can be found near Tukon Church is the PAGASA RADAR Station.

On my first travel here, we were caught by a typhoon like rain here! And guess what, same happened during my second visit. Isn’t it amazing?

4. Valugan Boulder Beach

This unique beach is not filled with sand, but with boulders instead.

We’re so cute here right? We looked photoshopped in pebbles. Haha! It was a good time when we visited here as it was not too hot. Perfect for photoshoots!

While planning for our Batanes tour Ryan is insisting to hire a photographer for our prenup shoot… Even though he hasn’t proposed yet. LOL!

Para kaming dinikit sa picture! Hahaha!

5. Nakamaya Burial Grounds

We didn’t get the chance to take a picture of the burial grounds but according to the locals, there was a belief that early Ivatans believed that when they die, their final rest would be the sea.

This belief is evident in the boat-shaped markers on their grave, which point towards their destination: the sea.  – Explorra

6. Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel

This 5-door Japanese tunnel is the shelter and hideout of the Japanese soldiers when they arrived in Batanes in 1914.

From 1941 to 1945, the soldiers ordered the Ivatans to dig the tunnel, creating five exit points, chambers, bunkers, and water reservoir. The bunker served as their lookout spot while in battle with the Americans.

The tunnel, meanwhile, is 250-meter long and has a lower deck chamber. – Primer

I told Ryan that I will just wait for them outside as my first visit here was not that pleasant… Goosebumps till now as I remember it. But, baka art ko lang, I still went inside — of course, brisk walking tayo girl. Haha!

7. Fundacion Pacita Batanes

Fundacion Pacita Batanes is one of the grandest hotels in Batanes. If you want a view of the ocean and rolling hills in your room, Fundacion Pacita is for you.

Room rates start with P12,800 but with a room perched on top of a hill, with a scenic oceanview and Mountainview, why not spend if you have the capacity, right?

Don’t forget to visit their arty restaurant and museum too! Yup! Just so we can visit the place, we tried their restaurant with golden rates, but! But never thought that its super duper delicious. I miss this place so much.

8. Vayang Rolling Hills

Vayang Rolling Hills is a sea of rolling hills in the north of Batanes. Definitely our favorite! I don’t know but I can still remember I was so happy because it was so windy and drizzling that time. Imagine being in Tagaytay or Baguio, so cold with all the greens surrounding you. Perfect!

Here you can also get a scenic view of Mt. Iraya, a dormant volcano residing in the island of Batan.

My first sunset! Sana pala nag picture kami ni Ryan ng ganto. Haha!

9. Chadpidan Boulder Beach

If you think there’s only one boulder beach in Batanes, unsurprisingly, it’s not.

The second boulder beach on the island of Batan is the Chadpidan Boulder Beach. Located at the west side of Batan, Chappidan Boulder Beach was formed because of the materials spewed by Mt. Iraya centuries ago.

10. Basco Town Proper

The usual last stop for the North Batan tour is the Basco Town Proper. Tour includes visiting Basco Church and a short trip to town’s park near the municipal hall, and airport road, among others.

This is our favorite past time when we were in Batanes. This spot near Basco park and Basco Municipality Hall is our go-to place as well whenever we feel like going out.

11. Basco Lighthouse at Naidi Hills

Naidi Hills is the most popular spot in Batanes because it is where the iconic Basco Lighthouse resides.

This spot is perfect for people who loves watching the sunset. Better view though is at the top of the lighthouse but be there early as the crowd at the top gets thick in the afternoon.

You will also get to have a nice panoramic view of the Basco town while watching the glorious sunset.

You may also visit the place in the morning if you want a lesser crowd. Many people jog to get here and some hail a tricycle or rent a bike.

North Batan and South Batan for me are equally beautiful. Both tours are rich in scenics views, picturesque mountainsides, rolling hills, and beaches.

Batanes Travel Guide Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Stay in Batanes?
  2. What are the usual tours in Batanes?
  3. What and where to eat in Batanes?
  4. Best Batanes Tour Providers
  5. What to do in Batanes?

Where to Book North Batan Tour?

We highly suggest you book your North Batan tour with a well-organized, hassle-free tour provider. Tried Batanes DIY before — it was adventures, yes but would like to suggest to have a team who’ll help you maximize your Batanes trip.

Got ours from the Amazing Batanes Tours! From the name itself, this tour provider is actually amazing! They’ve got cool tour guides — whom I think knows everything! All our questions where answered and we were brought to many awesome places. Check them out!

Check this blog about them as well at Amazing Batanes Tour Provider Review.

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10 Best Things to Do When in Batanes — No. 8 is our Favorite!

If you are on the lookout on what to do in Batanes for your upcoming vacation, we suggest you add the activities listed below to maximize your vacation.

If you are planning for your Batanes trip, we highly suggest you get a registered tour provider from a company that can really take care of you and please, do not DIY Batanes. I tried it last 2018 and I can fully say that I had so much fun on my second Batanes escapade because everything was organized!

You can find one on the island but better if you contact a tour provider before you go to Batanes. Better be prepared than sorry, dear. Might be fully-booked already when you get there.

We actually searched for the best tour provider. Saw a number but Amazing Batanes Tours stood out.

Let me know if you want me to connect you to them. Hassle-free and the tour guides really knew Batanes well.

Amazing Batanes Tours Details:

  • Contact Details: GLOBE: 0927 387 8172 | SMART: 0920 217 9031
  • Email Address:
  • Facebook Page: Amazing Batanes
  • Instagram: Amazing Batanes

10 Best Things to Do When in Batanes

Go ahead and explore the island to the fullest! I hope you have a day or two all to yourselves as some of these are not in the usual itinerary. Oh, writing this makes me wanna go back to Batanes again!

1. Eat Ivatan dishes at Hiro’s Joy Canteen

More than the seemingly endless green rolling hills of Batanes, the province has a lot more to offer especially with their dishes.

And trying dishes is actually a great way to learn more about Batanes traditions and culture! 

Our team tried a number of restaurants in Batanes but one stood out — the Hiro Joy Canteen.

Hiro Joy Canteen or Hiro’s Cafe is located in Abad St. Corner Argonza St. They are offering a number of Ivatan dishes, American, and some traditional Filipino dishes as well. What we love most is that every dish is made with extra love — extra herb, extra sauce, and is carefully cooked with passion and love.

We were talking with our team the other day and if we wanna go back to Batanes, we’ll definitely go back to Hiro Joy Canteen. This was definitely one of the highlights of our trip.

Food to try:

  • Lobster
  • Graham Cake
  • Uved
  • Lunyis – Ivatan’s Pork Adobo
  • Marida or Taveh (Ivatan Escargot)

Check out our separate review of Hiro Joy Canteen here.

2.  Fishing at Basco Port

Free time in Batanes? Go fishing!

Being surrounded by water, one of the Ivatan’s primary works is fishing. If you don’t have a fishing rod with you, you may ask your tour guide where to find/rent one.

For us, fortunately, there’s a family friend living in Basco and luckily, they have fishing rods! 

On our way to Basco port.

We also asked our tour guide, Kuya James, if he has one. Although he was very eager to lend us his fishing rod and accompany us to Basco Port and Chanarian Point, he wasn’t able to because he needed to go diving/fishing as well that afternoon. 

We wanna go but his boat is small.

Anyway, I suggest you go fishing in Batanes. What a memorable way to maximize your Batanes vacation!

3.  Take a dip in the beaches of Batanes

When I imagined tBatanes beaches before, all I can think of was they’re so rocky that you can’t even swim near the shore.

While this is true for some beaches in Batanes, there are also beaches with fine white sand and less rocky.

There are also rocky beaches like the blue lagoon and some lagoons in Sabtang shore near the port.

So yes, add this in your itinerary — swim in Batanes!

Suggested beaches:

  • Beach near Basco port
  • White Beach in Basco
  • Sabtang beach near Sabtang port
  • Blue Lagoon in Basco
  • Sumnanga Fishing Village
Morong Beach in Sabtang, Batanes

Sabtang lagoon near Sabtang Lighthouse

4. Biking (Motorcycle and Bicycle) 

One activity to never miss while in Batanes is biking!

There are a number of bike rentals in Basco and just a couple in Sabtang. Basco also has motorcycles for rent at a gasoline station near Nanay Cita’s Homestay.

No need to worry if you think you are lost already. Just talk to the Ivatans and they will guide you the way. Don’t forget to use google maps as well! 

Suggested biking areas:

  • Around Basco preferably the one near the school and open grounds
  • Outside Basco Airport
  • Way to Boulder Beach
  • Way to lighthouse

Went to Naidi Lighthouse early in the morning. We had so much fun!

5. Sunrise at Chamantad-Tinyan Point in Sabtang

This is not in the usual itinerary when in Batanes but we highly suggest you visit Chamantan-Tinyan point and cove before sunrise.

It is a magical experience waiting for the sun to rise while looking at the vast ocean and endless rolling hills. 

Additional payment is P1,100.

6.   Sunset watching at Natawu Point

Another activity to add to your Batanes bucket list is sunset watching at Natawu Point in Sabtang Island.

Our tour guide said this point is the best spot for sunset viewing in Batanes. 

True enough, it is indeed the best one. Here you can see a 360 view of Sabtang, the rolling hills, and the ocean.

Additional payment: P400

7.   Roam around Basco and make friends with the locals

Any place can be more experienced in being with the locals. Each time you go out, make sure you engage with the Ivatans.

Talk to your tour guides, make friends with them, ask the history of Batanes, where they live, what they do.. 

Sometimes it’s not just about the place but the people that you will meet that will make you really love the place.

And I can say that you will leave Batanes with a heavy heart because of the memories and the Ivatans as well.

8.  Surprise your loved ones with a dinner date at Naidi Lighthouse

Who would have thought that exclusive dinner dates are possible at Naidi Lighthouse?
Naidi Lighthouse is one of the most famous lighthouses in Batanes. But, did you know that you can arrange a dinner date here?

Whether you wanna surprise your loved ones on their birthday, anniversary, or any milestone in life, and you are in Batanes already, I suggest you go and reserve that exclusive date!

We are not sure if there are other operators for activities like this but we reserved our slot with Amazing Batanes Tours.

They will help you arrange everything. From food to balloons, to the set up of the place.. Really glad we booked everything with Amazing Batanes Tours.

Videos soon on our youtube channel!

9. Camping in Sabtang

If you will stay more than one night in Sabtang, try camping by the shore! To make this hassle-free for you, book your stay with Pananayan Homestay. They can help you with the tent pitching and can even prepare a bonfire for you!

10. Try Fundacion Pacita’s Dishes

If you happen to have spare money, we want to suggest having your merienda or lunch at Fundacion Pacita.

Fundacion Pacita, perched at one of the rolling hills in Basco, is one of the most picturesque places I have been to in my entire life. Suggesting that you add this to your itinerary, separate from your tour, and try different dishes.

The food was great for the price that you would want to order another one. We tried their pizza and it was surprisingly good. While waiting, you may also check their arts area below the restaurant.

Fundacion Pacita also has several rooms for guests which starts at P12,870.

In summary, these are some of the best things to do while in Batanes! Make the most out of your Batanes trip!

  1. Eat Ivatan dishes at Hiro’s Joy Canteen
  2. Fishing at Basco Port
  3. Swimming 
  4. Biking (Motorcycle and Bicycle)
  5. Sunrise at Chamantad in Sabtang
  6. Sunset at Natawu Point in Sabtang
  7. Roam around Basco, make friends with the locals
  8. Surprise your loved ones with a dinner date at Naidi Lighthouse
  9. Camping at Sabtang
  10. Try Fundacion Pacita’s Dishes

Batanes Travel Guide Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where to Stay in Batanes?
  2. What are the usual tours in Batanes?
  3. What and where to eat in Batanes?
  4. Best Batanes Tour Providers
  5. What to do in Batanes?

Where to Book your Batanes Tours?

We highly suggest you book your Batanes tours with a well-organized, hassle-free tour provider. Tried Batanes DIY before — it was adventures, yes but would like to suggest to have a team who’ll help you maximize your Batanes trip.

Got ours from the Amazing Batanes Tours! From the name itself, this tour provider is actually amazing! They’ve got cool tour guides — whom I think knows everything! All our questions where answered and we were brought to many awesome places. Check them out!

Check this blog about them as well at Amazing Batanes Tour Provider Review.