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Camping Experience at Driftwoods Sports Park in Indang

Are you looking for a cold place to go camping together with your family and friends without the hassle of climbing mountains? Camping at Driftwoods Sports Park in Indang is the perfect spot for us city dwellers! Plus, Driftwoods is 15 minutes away from Tagaytay!

It’s January 2, 2021 and before we start hustling again at work, in business, and in life, Ryan and I decided to go on a quick getaway here in the South.

What I love with this getaway is that we actually don’t have an itinerary.

We just went out but made sure we bring our camping necessities for this trip.


  • Camping Tent/s
  • Pillows and kumot
  • Jackets
  • Food
  • Solar panel, lights (Ryan loves this so much!)
  • Extension wires
  • Food

TIP: I suggest you get a bag for camping necessities or in our case a storage box that we just place in our trunk para kung gusto man gumala na walang destination, at least you have these essentials.


It’s been two months since we went driving around Cavite with only ‘Tara, let’s go kahit saaan!!’ in mind. Haha! We brought camping essentials because we wanna camp anywhere instead of checking in an inn or hotel.

We also brought with us our little Tummy (our rescue dog) and we want him to enjoy nature.

After roaming around the highways of Cavite, we went to Pantihan Falls in Maragondon. And after an hour or two basking in this falls, we looked for a place to stay.

And there we saw Driftwoods. We immediately called the place and good thing they are quick to answer our call!

Tent Pitching: P350 per person

Super best spot because the place is animal friendly! Our super Tummy is happy!

We actually didn’t expect much but when we arrived in the area, we were so happy! This is the perfect camping area for families talaga!

What we love about the Driftwoods Indang:

  1. Clean
  2. With clean bathrooms/restrooms
  3. Big grassy area
  4. Well-maintained camping areas
  5. Kind employees

We arrived at around 4PM in the afternoon and there’s one employee who went to us asking if they need our help. Such a sweet gesture. 🙂

Actually, we had some trouble looking for space because we loved the areas a lot! We don’t know where to pitch! Haha!

Good thing before it went dark, we have already pitched our tent. Our little tummy started running around. So happy to see her running around, parang super free sya and super happy!

Here are some of our pictures.

We got up at around 6:30 in the morning and before we packed up, we roamed around the park, and we had so much fun looking at all the greens!

Driftwoods Sports Park Details:

Facebook Page:
Mobile Number: 0917 516 6797
Email Address:

Pia’s Thoughts

This is for me the best part of our two-day getaway! Ryan and I, together with our little Tummy enjoyed our camping so much. Are we going back? Yes, of course! We’ll bring our family and friends too!